Mixing Automation and Human Intelligence:
A Recipe for Effective Investigations and Response

September 10, 2019 at 10AM EST

The increasing complexity and variety of threats, data explosion and limited resources are putting great pressure on security operations teams. Many have bought into the concept of playbooks and automation for investigation and response, but have not been able to realize the full benefits. Automation is not the end game; it is simply one part of the recipe that requires people, process and technology.

Join guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, VP, Research Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals of Forrester Research, and Leon Ward, VP of Product Management of ThreatQuotient to learn how to use the right mix of automation and human intelligence to make security operations more efficient and effective.



Joseph Blankenship – Vice President, Research Director Serving Security & Risk at Forrester Research


Leon Ward –  Vice President, Product Management at ThreatQuotient

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